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Suitable Prices

At Sewar, we can design the technical and financial offer according to your need and financial ability

High Quality

We enjoy specialization in each of our departments, and this gives us a space of creativity.

Speed In Performance

We can accomplish your business according to your near or far marketing goal in a very record time.

Sewar Muscat

For smart marketing solutions

A company specialized in the field of digital and marketing solutions, operating in the Gulf market since 2017, with a specialized team and experienced human cadres in marketing and administrative work, in partnership with Ibn Jumaa Al-Fahdi Group for Trading.
We take care of the smallest details at every step, to ensure the quality of the output and achieve your complete satisfaction.

Our clients in the Gulf market :



customer Satisfaction

Make the difference

We create a product that expresses you.

Make the difference

We create a product that expresses you.

Flexibility in work

We provide all the right options for you.

Flexibility in work

We provide all the right options for you.

Professional output

Your identity is your first gateway to reaching the public.

Professional output

Your identity is your first gateway to reaching the public.

Why do we believe in innovation in putting forward ideas?

Because if we can provide innovative content or a product, we will have a greater chance of outperforming the market, building an audience and ultimately achieving sustainable success.

Why do we work with ethical and professional values and principles?

Because working with ethical and professional values ​​and commitment is the basis that guarantees success and sustainability in any field, and acting with work ethics reflects our character and integrity and builds our professional reputation.

Why does our team specialize in every field?

Because our team is distinguished by a variety of skills and experiences that allow it to deal with different challenges with high efficiency, and to distribute roles and responsibilities based on the experiences of each team member.

Why are we in a good mood at work?

Because high mood and working with love have a great impact on an individual’s performance in the workplace. When the mood is high and the person feels enthusiastic and positive about the tasks he undertakes, he becomes more productive and able to achieve goals more efficiently.

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Our services

Graphic Design

It is said that a picture has a thousand words, and this is done by designing and producing an expressive professional image. In Sewar, we present designs with high professionalism, showing the strength of the final output and product, to make it easier for customers to make the purchase decision.

Managing social media accounts

It has become difficult for any business or brand to succeed without managing exposure on social media platforms. We professionally manage and develop the appearance of your brand to your audience.

Video production

Video has a strong impact on customers’ opinion in the purchasing decision, because it relies on all sensory, visual and audio effects. We build scenarios and images that help make a purchasing decision quickly and easily through a set of techniques (montage and editing, motion graphics, 2D and 3D technology).

Visual identity design

Visual identity is the most important element in building any project, and its value lies in creating an image of a professional nature with the public, and leaving this effect results in complete confidence in the services and products of any brand. Let us create your image.

Content writing

Our team is creative in formulating and translating ideas and enriching them in the brand. Let us go through a unique experience with you that increases your reach and confidence in front of your audience.

Preparing strategic marketing plans

Marketing planning is more important than marketing practice, and we work in parallel in planning and operating planning to achieve outstanding results. We have sufficient experience and knowledge to prepare distinctive marketing plans with real results.

Digital store management

60% Some of the commercial activities turned to electronic commerce, and electronic stores began to guarantee the continuity of the project. At Sewar, we help you develop your stores with marketing plans and strategies that increase your reach to the public.

Programming and development

Software solutions are the future of the new world in the digital transformation race between countries. In Swar, we provide you with the best software technical solutions, and we believe that your effort deserves to be shown with technologies that attract your customers.

Technical consulting

Consulting is a summary of expertise and experience in a field, and is provided by the best specialist in his field in knowledge and practice. At Swar, we have the ability to give your work a new meaning of creativity and excellence that keeps you at the forefront.
Economical and effective packages

Special marketing packages

Participating in the marketing package within a distinctive marketing plan ensures the continuity of marketing activity and the achievement of results.


OMR 135 monthly
-12 Social media design + professional content
- 3 Instagram highlight design (about us, our services, contact us)
- 1 30 second video editing (photo or video editing)
- 1 advertising campaign on Instagram for 15 days.
- Managing publishing on Instagram account.
- 15% discount when subscribing for 3 months.
Best Choice

Most Wanted

OMR 199 monthly
- 20 social media designs + presidential content
- 1 30 second video montage (with audio commentary)
- 3 Instagram highlight design (about us, our services, contact us)
- One advertising campaign on Instagram or Facebook for 30 days.
- Managing publishing on Instagram account.
- Managing publishing on Facebook account.
- 10% discount when subscribing for 3 months.


OMR 299 monthly
- 25 social media designs + professional content.
- 1 montage video of 30 seconds (with voiceover)
- 1 motion graphic video, 30 sec (with voiceover)
- 1 advertising campaign on Instagram for 30 days.
- 1 ad campaign on Facebook, Snapchat or TikTok for 30 days.
Post management on Instagram.
- Post management on Facebook account.
10% discount when subscribing for 3 months.

Our vision is to improve and manage your brand reputation towards the digital future



We analyze all the elements needed to prepare the marketing plan



We determine the path and goals to be achieved in each period



Activating the strategic plan and implementing work as required



Follow up the operational plan by evaluating the results and ensuring their progress

Our customers during our 7 years of work

True success partners

• We are proud to cooperate with our wonderful customers who represent our true partners in our journey towards success.
• We have strong and sustainable relationships with them based on trust and mutual understanding.
• Our cooperation with them is not just providing services, but rather a partnership based on achieving their goals
• We are grateful for their trust in us and the unique work opportunity they have given us.
• We look forward to a bright future full of joint success.

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