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About Us

Sewar Muscat 

For smart marketing solutions

A company specializing in the field of digital and marketing solutions, operating in the Gulf market since 2017, with a specialized team and human cadres with extensive experience in marketing and administrative work, in partnership with Ibn Jumah Al Fahdi Trading Group.

We pay attention to the smallest details in every step, to ensure the quality of the output and achieve your complete satisfaction.

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Everything you need in one place

In the modern world, one-stop marketing services become crucial for companies and startups

By having all the services in one place, companies can benefit from coordinating and integrating different marketing strategies, including digital marketing, social media management, web design, creative advertising and marketing, data analysis, email marketing, and more… This approach provides companies with the ability to implement comprehensive and integrated marketing strategies to achieve success and growth in the market

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Our vision

is to improve and manage your brand reputation towards the digital future


We analyze all the elements needed to prepare the marketing plan



We determine the path and goals to be achieved in each period



Activating the strategic plan and implementing work as required



Follow up the operational plan by evaluating the results and ensuring their progress